Golf Buggy Accessories & Extras

We have a wide range of accessories, extras and spares to customise your golf buggy.

Upgrade your golf buggy

When it comes to accessories for golf buggies, we offer a wide range of extras, replacement parts and products to enhance your buggy experience

Some of our golf buggy accessories include compact fire extinguishers and golf ball cleaners or upgrade your buggy security by adding a brake lock and light kit. You can find many more options listed below.

Golf buggy extras designed by Motorculture

Our great range of extras for golf buggies include products designed inhouse by us here at Motorculture. An example we have created is the aluminium cargo box for the Cushman Shuttle 2+2 golf buggy which just slides straight in and out as you please.

Please call us to order golf buggy accessories to update and customise your golf buggy.

Golf buggy spares

If you're in need of golf buggy spare parts or replacement parts then please don't hesitate to contact us, we can advise and make sure you order the correct parts for your buggy make, model and year.

02392 599 998

Golf Buggy Batteries

At Motorculture, we sell replacement golf buggy batteries, fast charge, longer lasting, lithium batteries to fit both golf buggies and utility vehicles.

We can change most old batteries to new lithium batteries.


  • Lithium batteries charge faster
  • Lithium batteries last longer
  • Lithium batteries are lighter than normal batteries
  • Lithium batteries are very low maintenance
  • Li-Gen batteries are designed in Great Britian

Security Brake Locks

Made in the UK, our golf buggy brake locks slides over the throttle and clamps against the brake meaning no one can start, drive or roll your buggy away.

We have multiple brake locks in stock ready for delivery and each is sold with a padlock. Please note this brake lock is not compatible with Ezgo RXV or Yamaha buggies.


  • Prevents your buggy from being started
  • Stops your buggy from being drven or rolled away
  • Padlock included

Golf Buggy Covers

Golf buggy storage covers, supplied complete with drawstring storage bag, protect your buggy in the off season.

This buggy cover fits over any golf cart with a standard size rooftop and the elastic bottom fits snuggly underneath your golf buggy for full protection.


  • Protects your golf cart from dirt, sun damage, rain, dust and tree sap
  • Helps keep your buggy looking new for longer
  • Rugged green 100 denier nylon
  • An elastic cord is stitched into the hem
  • Handy drawstring storage bag is included

Golf Buggy Enclosures

We supply all weather golf buggy enclosures for Ezgo, Cushman and Club Car vehicles.

These golf buggy enclosures are made from either Marine grade fabric or steel frame sliding door enclosures.


  • Protects your buggy from all types of weather
  • Clear PVC that so your view is not obstructed
  • Heavy duty zipper, removable tie down straps and functional tie down hooks ensure a solid fit
  • Secures to the front struts with 4 velcro straps
  • Sides can be unzipped and rolled up to allow for a breeze on the warmer days

MEE Golf Buggy Enclosures

MEE golf buggy enclosures - protect yourself and buggy from the weather.

MEE Inc is a precision engineering company, they design and manufacture enclosures for golf buggies giving superior levels of protection and comfort.


  • Provides protection for all weather conditions
  • Enhances your safety of the cart with less chance of you falling out
  • Durable and lightweight weighing only 85lbs
  • Extends the lifespan of your buggy as it protects your upholstery from the elements

Fire Safety Sticks

Protect your golf buggy from fire.

The Fire Safety Stick is a manual, portable fire extinguisher that uses a Potassium ion jet (a unique method among conventional fire extinguishers) that works by interrupting a fire's chain of reaction (the 'auto-catalyst' of the fire).


  • Manual and portable
  • Comes in two sizes - 50 second discharge time or 100 second discharge time
  • Does not contain gas
  • Is not pressurised
  • Leaves no mess or residue (ideal for golf buggies)
  • Compact and light
  • 15 year shelf life

Golf Buggy Cargo Boxes

We can now offer two types of cargo boxes for golf buggies.

The first being fitted to the buggy itself. This cargo box measures 42" x 30" x 8" and is black powder coated with a tail gate.

We supply this box with the fixing kit or roof struts if its for a Club Car Precedent golf buggy. Please specify when ordering.

Our second cargo box, made from aluminium, isn't fixed to the buggy but fits perfectly into the cargo bed and is custom made for flip seats from 2012 onwards. This cargo box, crafted from 3mm aluminium to prevent corrosion, effortlessly slides in and out of the flip seat for your convenience.


  • Option to buy a fixed or not fixed cargo box
  • Powder coated or aluminium

Golf Buggy Tow Bars

Upgrade your golf buggy and add a tow bar.

Towing a small trailer behind your golf buggy means you can transport extra supplies and equipment short distances without having to use a larger vehicle. It also gives you the versatility to access tighter spaces where perhaps cars or vans can't.


  • 2" receiver hitch - short
  • 2" receiver hitch - short with tow ball
  • 3-way receiver hitch towing adapter

Golf buggies for sale

For new golf buggies for sale please get in touch. If you are looking to buy one golf buggy or several, we can help.

Ezgo golf buggy sales UK
Cushman golf buggy sales UK
Club Car golf buggies for sale UK


With a variety of happy golf buggy customers, we can offer advice and usually answer your Ezgo, Cushman and Club Car golf buggy questions.

02392 599 998

Golf buggy delivery and servicing

We not only deliver your golf buggy throughout the UK and overseas we can also service your golf buggy for you.

For more information, to buy golf buggy accessories or to book a golf buggy service, please contact us.

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If you're looking for a used buggy see our website

We have a range of secondhand Club Car carts, secondhand Ezgo golf buggies and secondhand Cushman people carriers for sale.

Used golf buggy sales UK
Secondhand golf buggies for sale UK
Used golf buggy sales UK
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