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Did you know that the Ezgo RXV buggy was one of the first of its kind introduced to the golf cart market?

From then on the golf buggy market has just expanded.

The EZGO RXV buggy is a 2-seater vehicle which has a bag holder attached to the rear.

It is mainly used for golfing and is well known on golf courses throughout the UK and worldwide for its superiority under the seat.

Buying Ezgo RXV golf buggies

You can order this Ezgo buggy in either Elite Lithium, 48volt Electric or Petrol by calling us directly here at Motorculture.

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Larger bag area

The RXV model comes with a larger bag area which makes loading and unloading even the biggest golf bags easy. It also has cup holders and storage for more essential items.

Ezgo Freedom RXV

Within the Exgo RXV range there is the Freedom RXV which is as powerful as the RXV but has a couple of slight differences.

The main difference is the Freedom RXV has front and rear lights, this is a great benefit of the buggy because if you were golfing at dusk then you wouldn't have to worry about finishing your round and hurrying back to the club house as you would always be able to see the way.

Another small difference betwwen these two buggies is the Freedom RXV is slightly faster, not that speed is a must for the golf course but at an approximate speed of 19.5mph compared to the RXV with an approximate figure of 15mph you get an extra 4.5 mph of speed with the Freedom RXV.


The Ezgo TXT has loads of smart features to increase convenience and comfort for golfers.

This Ezgo model is a similar buggy to the RXV, the TXT is a 2-seater buggy and has a oversized bag holder on the rear. This is a good feature of the TXT as you can fit big golf bags in the buggy so you won't have to worry about having too many clubs in your bag.

The Ezgo TXT buggy has large seat backs to create more support and the foam seating is made from 100% recyclable materials.

More handy storage

It also has increased dash storage which you can opt to have USB ports for GPS, range finders and smart phones.

The redesigned Ezgo TXT offers more than a new look

This model brings a new standard for golfers as it's made with the golfers in mind.

Buy an Ezgo TXT golf buggy

Available in either petrol or electric, call us here at Motorculture to order your new Ezgo TXT golf buggy.

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Another reason the Ezgo TXT is an all-round excellent choice

With hydraulic shock absorbers and a 48V drive train, the Ezgo TXT can cover even the bumpiest of courses smoothly and effortlessly. It absorbs all the bumps and jolts, so when you reach your hole, you are calm and ready to tee off.

Get ready to take your golf buggy experience to a whole new level

We've got 3 amazing new buggies available to order: the EZGO Liberty, EZGO RXV and EZGO Freedom.

New Ezgo Liberty for sale

EZGO Liberty Golf Buggy

Ezgo RXV golf buggies for sale

EZGO RXV Golf Buggy

Ezgo Freedom buggy for sale

EZGO Freedom Buggy

If you are interested in learning more about these awesome new models, just contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Ezgo golf buggy servicing and Ezgo spares

We stock Ezgo golf buggy spare parts and can service your Ezgo buggy.

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Ezgo golf buggy delivery

We can deliver golf buggies to your home, golf club or business throughout the UK and overseas.

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