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The Cushman Shuttle 2+2 golf buggy is a great choice of vehicle for use by the hospitality industry.

It's a popular buggy as it's able to transport both guests and luggage around a venue - it's practically two buggies in one.

Seats positioned back to back

The Cushman Shuttle 2+2 is a 4-person buggy with the seats positioned back-to-back.

Flip the rear seats to make a cargo deck

The rear facing seats on this buggy flip over to make a cargo deck. By having this handy feature you create a very versatile buggy.

Efficient lithium batteries

The Shuttle 2+2 buggy comes with lithium batteries which are so much more efficient.

There are many benefits of a lithium batteries including they charge faster and they aren't as heavy as other types of batteries so therefore don't weigh the buggy down.

Buy Shuttle 2+2 buggies

Call us at Motorculture to order your Cushman Shuttle 2+2 golf buggy. We can also deliver to your home, golf course or business premises.

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Transport golfers and clubs or guests and luggage

A hotel resort with a golf course would benefit majorly from the Shuttle 2+2 because one day it can be used to transport guests and luggage around the hotel and other days it can be used to transport golfers and golf bags.

Add a aluminium cargo box

You can also buy our aluminium cargo box that we've made especially to slide straight into the cargo area of the Shuttle 2+2.

It's tricky to compare buggies to one another as it all really depends on personal preference and the needs of each customer.

Another Cushman buggy you might like to consider is the Shuttle 4. This model is also a 4-seater but with forward facing seats and it has a wooden framed cargo box on the rear.


The Cushman Shuttle 2 is a popular at golf courses as it's a 2-seater, long wheeled base vehicle with an extra long cargo deck.

The extra long cargo deck is a great feature of Cushman Shuttle golf buggies because it means they can transport a wide range of large quantities around sites and golf courses meaning no need for time-consuming multiple trips.

This Cushman buggy is ideal for grounds teams

If golf course maintenance is required but vans aren't allowed on site as they can damage the greens, then the Shuttle 2 is the best alternative.

Order a new Cushman Shuttle 2 golf buggy

To buy Cushman Shuttle 2 golf buggies call us at Motorculture. We can also arrange delivery directly to your work, home or golf course.

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Electric Shuttle 2 golf buggies

You can get this Cushman buggy with low maintenance lithium batteries meaning they charge faster and last longer therefore less charging time and less downtime.


  • Lithium batteries charge faster
  • Lithium batteries last longer
  • Lighter than normal batteries
  • Very low maintenance

Large cargo area

The Shuttle 2 can carry roughly 1200lb of supplies and with its 20.9 square-foot cargo area this buggy can transport anything you need with great ease without ruining the grass therefore saving time and money on course repairs.

Cushman Shuttle 2 headlights

You have the ability to use your Cushman vehicle from dawn to dusk as headlights are fitted as standard.


The most versatile vehicle in the Cushman personnel carrier range.

The Cushman Shuttle 4 can carry up to 4 people and has room on the rear for a cargo box meaning its able to transport both passengers and luggage with ease.

Forward facing seats

The main difference with the Shuttle 4 compared to the Shuttle 2+2 is that the 4 seats are facing forward rather than back-to-back.

Wooden cargo box

A great feature of the Shuttle 4 is the 9 cu. ft. wooden staked cargo box that can safely carry up to 400lbs in weight so it's easy to transport maintenance supplies, golf clubs, bags and balls around golf courses.

Seats and cargo box in a compact size

Even though the Shuttle 4 has 4 seats and a cargo box, it is only 52cm difference in length and 10cm difference in height compared to the Cushman Shuttle 2+2 model.

The compact size of the Shuttle 4 creates a great benefit as it's still a small buggy but can do the same job as 2 or 3 regular sized buggies.

Powered by modern lithium batteries

The Shuttle 4 buggy is also available as an Elite model which means lithium batteries which are a modern type of battery and a lot less hassle with regards to running time and charging time which increases productivity.

Transport guests and luggage or employees and equipment

The Cushman Shuttle 4 can be used to transport people and their luggage around holiday parks, hotels and estates as well as golfers around golf courses.

It is also a great choice of vehicle for maintenance teams to carry multiple people to jobs around sites with all the tools and materials they need.


The Cushman Hauler 800 utility is known for being the smallest of the Hauler series.

Being slightly smaller makes the Hauler 800 UV great for transporting tools and equipment either around golf courses, estates, farms or even through narrow spaces on construction sites.

2 seater vehicle with cargo bed

This 2-seater Cushman vehicle has a fully customisable cargo bed which helps get even the smaller jobs done with ease.

Buy a new Hauler 800

Call us today to buy a brand new petrol Cushman Hauler utility vehicle or buy a brand new electric Cushman.

We also offer both UK and international delivery options, please ask for details.

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Compact utility vehicle

The Cushman Hauler 800 is the smaller sibling of the Hauler 800X utility.

Both these Cushman buggies have an Elite version which is the more modern type of battery. Being a smaller battery it works well with the smaller 800 model as it's lighter and therefore causes less turf damage around a golf courses or gardens of estate homes.

Petrol or electric models

The Cushman Hauler 800 utility vehicle is available from Motorculture in either petrol or elecrtic.


The Hauler 800X model has lifted suspension and rugged tyres helping to make tougher jobs easier.

The Hauler 800X is a 2-seater utility vehicle with a rear cargo box.

Integrated tie-down system

The cargo box has an integrated tie down system throughout to help secure loose materials and equipment.

The benefits of the Cushman Hauler 800X is that its taller than the original Hauler 800 model with a height of 188cm compared to the Hauler 800 which is 176.5cm.

Having the extra height is a benefit to customers who have a rougher terrain golf course as it has higher ground clearance and better suspension which makes it a smoother ride and less likely to struggle up hills.

Petrol or electric optons

The Hauler 800X utility vehicle comes in either petrol or elecrtic with a modern, fast charging lithium battery.

Order a new Hauler 800X

Call us at Motorculture to buy your new petrol or electric Cushman Hauler.

If needed, we can also deliver your new utility vehicle to you.

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Tipping cargo box

Another great feature of the Cushman Hauler 800X is the fact it comes with a cargo box that manually tips to help you quickly unload.

If you're looking for a utility vehicle with an electric tipper, please see the Cushman Hauler Pro X below.

The cargo bed of the Hauler 800X can carry a weight of 325lb which is a good amount making jobs like woodland work or working on a golf course a lot easier as you have the space to transport materials.


The Cushman Hauler Pro is a 2-seater utility vehicle with a cargo box at the back.

This Cushman utility is a perfect choice for golf courses or glamping sites, camping sites and holiday parks as it is available as a no noise electric model meaning your guests can continue to play or even sleep undisturbed.

Buy a new Cushman Hauler UV

The Cushman Hauler Pro vehicle is the sibling of the Cushman Hauler Pro X.

Both the Hauler Pro and Pro X models are available from us here at Motorculture.

Call us now for Cushman utility sales - collect your new Hauler UV from our site in Hampshire or we can deliver directly to you - throughout the UK and internationally.

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Fast charging battery

The battery supplied with the Elite version of the Hauler Pro is a faster charging battery which is lighter and smaller.


The Cushman Hauler Pro X is a similar utility vehicle to the Hauler Pro except the Pro X is designed to work better on rougher terrain due to having lifted suspension and a larger cargo box on the rear.

The Hauler Pro X utility vehicle is equipped with a 12 cu. ft. cargo box compared to the slightly smaller 8.4 cu. ft. cargo box you have on the Hauler 800X.

Having the larger cargo area is perfect for grounds keepers on a golf course as you can fit a large amount of supplies in the cargo box, this saves lots of trips back and forth when maintaining the grounds.

Zero maintenance lithium battery

The Elite battery is an option for the Hauler Pro X model.

As this is a zero-maintenance battery it means less time away and more time doing the job you bought it for.

Electric tipping rear cargo box

Just like all the other Haulers in the range the rear cargo box tips, a big bonus of this Pro X Cushman utility vehicle is that it comes with an electric tipper.

Having an electric tipping feature on a utility vehicle means saving time in your workday. With just a simple switch in the middle of the dashboard you can automatically tip your cargo box to unload instead of getting out and tipping the cargo box manually.

Cushman buggy servicing and Cushman spares

We stock genuine Cushman spare parts and can service or repair your Cushman vehicle.

Call us to buy spares or book your buggy in for a service or repair.

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